Camp Adventure is a one-week sleep away camp that takes place on Shelter Island at the Quinipet Camp and Retreat Center. Every year we have a theme with over-the-top events, like personal fireworks shows, concerts and carnivals. It is completely run by volunteers, including our medical team. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals have allowed even children who are critically ill to experience camp.

Camp Adventure is for children ages 6 – 18. Young people 17 – 18 can take part in our Leadership in Training and Counselor in Training programs, that operate year-round.

This landmark children’s oncology camp, is MoRE than a program to its members, it is what we lovingly refer to as our “Camp Family”.

Saddle Rock Ranch

KiDS NEED M♥RE Day Camp – Weekdays, June 26th – July 28th, 2017

Horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities can help individuals with special challenges overcome challenges and develop confidence, as well as physical and emotional strength. As riders themselves, they understand the power of the horse/human relationship and how beneficial it can be to the human body and soul.

Arts & Crafts, Sports, Music, All Day Fun; Large & Small Animal Experiences; Therapeutic Horseback Riding.

Applications are NOW OPEN!

Hope For Johnathon

The MoRE Hope for Johnathon Program is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, families, and young adults coping with cancer or life threatening illness. We support patients, siblings and parents at all stages of the journey.

Hope for Johnathon began as a Facebook page created by Sarah Cahill in hope that people could reach out and send prayers, support and wishes as her brother Johnathon Cahill battled cancer. Inspired by her brother’s battle, Sarah Cahill brings gift baskets to children fighting cancer.

We are proud to welcome the Hope for Johnathon Program as part of our M♥RE to Life Program, lead by Ada Yeung.

Ada is a childhood cancer survivor and Camp Adventure graduate who continues to volunteer and inspire us all with her incredible dedication and leadership.


CAMPSGiViNG is a three day overnight retreat offered at no cost for those who are eligible.

The fast pace of the holidays isn’t easy for everyone. For many of us that have experienced a life-threatening illness, personally or in our families, the holiday season feels M❤️RE like an endurance test. This weekend getaway between Thanksgiving and the end of the year gives us time to reflect, calm down and enjoy the company of other people who just simply “get it”.

The weekend on the beautiful shores of Shelter Island, gives lots of opportunities to make new friendships or just hangout and reflect on your own time. You can comb the beach, check out what Shelter Island has to offer or enjoy the workshops, activities and crafts we have designed for you.

MoRE University

Be M♥RE U is our program dedicated to teens and young adults who have experienced life-threatening illness or trauma as a survivor or family member.  It was created through our CampAdventure graduates who needed a place to deal with their emotional and physical problems as they entered young adulthood.

At Be M♥RE U we prepare young people for college, build resumes and create opportunities to develop leadership skills. Our  “courses” are facilitated by our peer specialist and volunteer network. Our “students” give back to  local communities and volunteer for M♥RE.

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