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Our programs are designed to strengthen familial bonds, through providing shared experiences for siblings, spouses, and connecting families to a safety net of support.

Saddle Rock Ranch Day Camp: July 2023

Camp Adventure Sleepaway Camp: August 2023

Holiday Cheer Bus: December 18th 2022


KiDS NEED MoRE ViRTUAL CAMP brings FUN & FRiENDSHiP into the in the comfort of your own home. Keep your spirits high, your family engaged and feel connected with your community. Sign up for your favorite sessions, try something new, or perhaps you’d like to help run a session.  CAMP PROGRAMS THIS SUMMER


Connect with children and families to spread MoRE hope, joy and friendship. From fisherman to nurse practitioners, join people from all walks of life that want to make a difference.


Please send a small gift our way and it will be put to work immediately. Because of wonderful people, like you, we are able to provide programs where children, families & young adults coping with cancer and life-threatening illness can celebrate life in a safe and positive environment.


FAMiLiES NEED MoRE of everything! KiDS NEED MoRE is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and families coping with cancer and serious illness. We build a community of support and hope through peer mentoring, friendly visits, camp experiences, retreats, and daily events. We believe that joy, fun, and friendship heals.


Shared stories, articles, memories and thoughts from our Co-Founder and Executive Director. Everyday is a new learning experience. As much as we give, we gain much MoRE in return. 

25Mar 17

Adventures in Bravery

Dear Acute Myeloid Leukemia, We've become very familiar these past two months and I still think you are a stranger. I can't see your face, I can only see you…

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06Mar 17

The Plans We Make

Stop. Just for a moment. See through the illusion. I know it's hard. Your 20 year plan, your five year investment, your schedule for tomorrow and the dinner you are…

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