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The Plans We Make

Stop. Just for a moment. See through the illusion. I know it’s hard. Your 20 year plan, your five year investment, your schedule for tomorrow and the dinner you are going to eat tonight are only projections. They aren’t real. They aren’t in your control.

The job you have. The clothes you’ll wear. The trip you’ll take. The legs you walk on. The person by your side. These things aren’t permanent.

You will mourn and grieve some of your plans and expectations. Huge empires collapse overnight. Your things can be washed away with one large swell of the ocean. Journeys are cancelled everyday from the weather and whether your health can withstand the trip. Even your sturdy legs, they buckle, they break under pressure and change. Your loved ones, they don’t want to leave. They don’t. But sometimes we do.

The reputation you create. The beauty you leave behind. The people and places where you make your mark. Doing what you can now. Loving and being present to those you love now. These things are real. You get to control these things.

Keep your schedule full and make lots of plans, but remember it’s only your sketchbook of drafts and the real art comes in the living of today.

Warm Fuzzies,



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